Robotic Process Automation

"What is robotics process automation (RPA) ?"

It is the machine learning ability that performs the routine work flow of the people, autonomously using software and artificial intelligence. This ability undertake to complete process with minimum error, highest yield and most optimum speed. Inquiries and calculations are within the duty. RPA completes duty, performs the check, extracts data from system, enters data to system by imitating employee.

"Where is the Endos Automation in this process ?"

As Endos Automation, we have tasked to help you conduct your process in the most economic and efficient way. We play an active role that we integrate the data from your old system to own system with copying data,  we save you time and cost and you get high effiency from the process with workflow automation and going on fluently your process with artificial intelligence without need for human intervention. 

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